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The day to day life of an ex-racehorse and her companions in Dartmoor UK and Mayenne France
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APRIL 2003

Tuesday 29th April 2003

Two silly sheepToday didn’t start out too promising. Sometime during the night, I got my tail caught up in the clasp that secures my hay manger. Of course, I pulled, broke the clasp, gashed my leg and threw my food bucket over the stable. At first I thought I had got away with it, this morning, when the silly one came to clean me out but, of course, when SHE came out and saw my leg, it had to be bathed with stingy stuff and everything. I got to nine fields alright, the only thing there were these two silly ewes who had climbed the wall to get at our grass.


  Then, about midday , a big worry (I know it’s lorry really but it’s what HE  tells me it is called) came along and two tractor things came into our fields and started to dig great big holes. We casually, but smartly, moved up the hill to watch in safety but, after a while, when they just seemed to keep eating dirt, we lost interest and got on with our work (eating). Diggers





Later HE came with her to look at the holes and point that shiny thing at them, only this time, instead of holding it up to his face HE put it on a three leg and bent his face down to it. HE also soon lost interest though and pointed it at us and at the swallows that have just turned up again this year. When I got home, HE had mended my hay rack, so with luck I’ll get in a good night’s eating!



Wednesday 30th April 2003

DrainageJust to keep him on his toes, I pretended to be scared of my bright green plastic feed bucket. To give him his due, HE soon learns. HE went and changed it for my favourite black rubber bucket instead.


  Up at the field shelter, we have been adopted by two pheasants, Phil and Phlorrie. They call it a phield shelter and treat it as a breakphast stop – “good for pheeding” they say!


She watches progress





The drain men have now made their tractor things eat a pattern in the road field. SHE says it’s all very well for them to eat dirt but they do an awful lot of quidding afterwards.










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