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The day to day life of an ex-racehorse and her companions in Dartmoor UK and Mayenne France
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How it all began ..... April 2003
We were walking up the hill, under Drybridge and along the Throwleigh Road to Ninefields, when HE said to me,
     “I’m going to have a go at building a web site!”.
I must have looked completely unimpressed because HE went on, as HE is wont to do at some length, telling me all the technical details. I felt then, that if I was not to fall asleep before we got to the field, that I had better interrupt, so I asked HIM,
     “What’s it going to be about?”
     “Sorry?”, HE mumbled.
I think HE must have been greatly relieved that we had arrived at asthma-break stop number two, as it gave HIM time to think, while HE got my next carrot treats out of HIS pockets. I wasn’t going to fall for that, so I said,
     “Why not write up my diary, you know, what happens to Treggy, Wicky and me, on a day to day basis!”
     “How did you guess?”, HE said, grumpily.
HE was silent, all the way, until we reached the gate into Ninefields. When SHE drove along, to pick HIM up, I heard HIM say to HER, importantly,
     “I’ve decided that I’m going to write up Alezane’s Diary, for the web site”.
     “I know,” SHE said, “Alli told me last week!” ..

  and how it ended ..... April 2008
HE was leaning up against the new fence into the wheat field and I came up and leaned my head over HIS shoulder
     "Your're looking tired" I said to HIM.
      "Just old, Alli", HE replied.
      "I know how you feel", I told HIM, "I'm an old lady now."
      "I was thinking ...", HE said
      "About my diary?", I said, "It's time, I agree".
       "Let's make it five years", HE said.
       "Of course, that's what I planned", I lied.

HE rubbed my nose softly and walked quietly away. 
Tregony died 07/02/2006, of old age, aged c35 ; Wicky died 12/10/2009, of old age, aged ? over 30; Alezane died 07/02/2014, of old age, aged 30 ; Mims died 20/11/2014, of heart attack, aged c18.
Alezane in her racing colours
Alezane in her racing colours